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What are smartwatch bands and smartwatch straps?

Smartwatches are a remarkable tool for improving your life’s work flow, reducing the time it takes to accomplish simple tasks and increasing the levels of efficiency you experience in everyday tasks. Everything from fitness tracking to making sure you don’t miss an appointment with its calendar app and notifications at a glance, there are plenty of reasons to buy one. There are a few things you might be asking yourself, including “why didn’t I buy one sooner?”, and “Why is this wrist band so uncomfortable?”. The truth is, there

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are a few broad size categories that companies expect most people to fit into, and if you happen to be one of those people who just can’t seem to find the right fit, you’re out of luck. But hold on, someone saw that flaw, and realized that there are people like them, who just can’t find the right band for the job, which is where replaceable smartwatch bands and smartwatch straps come in handy. These bands and straps, such as the Barton Silicone Watch Bands featured on Amazon, allow for quick changing out of your smartwatch’s band for any situation, whether its just to match your outfit for the day or to accommodate your morning run.

Fashion – Finding a Smartwatch Strap to Match Your Style.

If you’re looking for a new style, or already have one you enjoy, then finding a smartwatch strap to replace the default can be a great way to bring everything together. There are classy genuine leather bands, such as this stylish Genuine Calf-Leather Replacement Band by Chimaera, which is sure to help you stand out at an important interview or formal event. If you’re just looking for something

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casual or maybe a little sporty to wear around, there are dozens of color options for silicone bands that can add some flair to just about any outfit. Here are few examples to help you find your favorite. If metal is more of your style, there’s something for you too, including this Metallic Ring Band for the Apple Watch, which could go with classy or casual attire.


Fitness Tracking – Smartwatch Bands for Getting Your Run on.

Whether you’re just getting into the groove of things or a veteran fitness fanatic pushing themselves and their smartwatches to their limits. you’ve probably noticed some problems with the default smartwatch bands. Not all bands are created equal, and the factory-shipped watch bands are no exception. As mentioned before, there are limited sizes that can make finding the right fit downright impossible, and when you’re in the trenches making the most of your exercise, the last thing you want is a watch strap rubbing into your skin, or worse, being so loose that it allows moisture to accumulate, leaving your wrist rubbery and blistered.

The advantage of replaceable smartwatch bands for those invested in their health is that there are hundreds of options, including a variety of sizes, for the tightest comfortable fit, and specialized materials designed to increase airflow, reduce perspiration under the band, and prevent rubbing against the skin, all reducing the risk of blistering and irritated skin. Being able to choose your own band means that you can get the most out of your smartwatch experience, and focus on the important parts, like enjoying your workout, without the hassle of itchy and broken skin.

A few things to consider when buying for fitness:

1. The size of the band: There are two measurements that you will need to know about before making the final purchase. First is the band width, the distance across the strap, which will change from watch to watch. Second is the length, which will vary from person to person, but remain the same between watches. You can find the width either through the dimensions stated for your particular watch, or by measuring it. The measurement can be taken using a simple ruler, but should be as exact as possible to ensure a tight fit. Length is determined by the circumference of your wrist, and you can find this by simply wrapping a piece of string around your wrist, cutting it when it is tight, but not restrictive, and then measuring the length of the string.

2. Material: The material used in the construction of your band should keep a few things in mind, durability, comfort, and wash tolerance. Of course, something that you will be getting rough and tumble with while wearing should be able to withstand the wear and tear of your routine, be comfortable while doing it, and at the end of the day be safe enough to toss into your washing machine to get rid of the day’s grime. Silicone is a great choice for durability, and most are safe to machine wash. The only downside is that a loose silicone band will allow water to sit underneath, and too tight of a fit will cause it to press into the skin. Nylon-based smartwatch bands are another great option for fitness, they fit the same criteria as above, but are slightly more lenient when picking the wrong size, and also absorb moisture, preventing the skin from becoming saturated with moisture.

3. Screen Protectors: These are similar to the ones you might find for your phone or tablet. While their usefulness varies from person to person, they can be a life saver when exercising, especially outdoors. Screen protectors are simple plastic covers to prevent your screen from becoming smudged or scratched, which becomes a much higher risk while running outdoors, or using equipment at the gym. They are relatively cheap, usually only a few dollars each, and could save you from replacing your screen or smartwatch entirely, and at the very least extending the life of your watch.

Finding the Smartwatch Band Replacement for You.

At this point you might be overwhelmed by the sheer multitude of choices, and to that I have one piece of very important piece of advice, don’t worry about it. While there are some outliers, most bands of the same material are of similar quality and function, and it doesn’t have to be perfect. Even if you’re not the most fitness-inclined, silicone and nylon straps can be worked into casual wear just the same as classier materials, and if you’re not the business formal type, a leather or metal smartwatch band can still look fly on the fly. The most important thing to consider when buying your replacement is that you are happy with your purchase, so if you can find an affordable croc-style band and think that it works for you, go for it!





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