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Hi there, if you’re looking to find the best kid smartwatch for your child, or just curious about why in the world anyone would ever let their child handle such a sophisticated piece of technology, you’ve come to the right place! Now if you’ll give me a few moments of your time, I’ll let you in on some of the top quality kid smartwatches on the market and give some pointers on when/why to bring your kid into the wonderful world of technology that will make them a better person tomorrow! Sound good?

Teaching Responsibility With the Help of Kid Smartwatches.

As promised, there’s something to be said about introducing technology to your children in a healthy and productive environent. The odd of your child growing accustomed to technology are virtually at 100%, and if you don’t believe me on that just look where you are now. So if you’re of the assumption that your child will, for better or worse, eventually incorporate technology into their lives (and they will), wouldn’t you want to start them off right by showing them both the great power and responsibility that comes with living in the modern age?

If you’re like me, your parents knew that one day you would have to handle money on your own, and instead of throwing you to the wolves and hoping for the best, they first showed you that money was precious, something to be earned, not given, and would ultimately determine the outcome of your life. The second thing they taught me was that there is only one thing more important than gaining money, and that is learning to control it. If at this point there’s something telling you “This sounds familiar.” that’s because technology is the new money, not that money has been replaced, but that technology is the new frontier, and can be managed to your benefit.

The best part about giving your kid a watch of their own is that in general, little one’s look up to their parents, if you’ve ever accidently dropped an explicitive after stubbing your toe or bashing your head on a car door, you know just how easy it is to make an impression, for better or worse. Hopefully, you’ve gotten better at which kinds of impressions you leave, and giving your kid a smartwatch so that Jimmy or Sally can be just like mom and dad will absolutely light up their world. You’re killing two birds with one stone, as the old saying goes, except in this case you are giving a gift that will help them relate to you, and at the same time opens the door for you to bring responsibility into their lives, I’ll get to more on that later.

Features to Consider When Buying Your Kid a Smartwatch.

When looking for a smartwatch for kids, the most important thing to consider is your child’s safety. Most smartwatches for kids are designed with safety in mind, including models that require no small parts to prevent choking hazards and hypoalleginic bands to prevent allergic reactions, such as the Octopus Smartwatch for Kids created by JOY. These allow most children between four and eight years old to handle them safely.

With safety in check, the next step is to find a smartwatch that will give you the most at the best price. There are a few key features that make a great watch:

1. Entertainment: I’m going to make this plain and simple, anything that can keep your child occupied for those long car trips and waits in the dentists office, and then later that day teach them the value of getting a full night of sleep, isn’t just a good investment, its GREAT!

2. Learning Programs: Most smartwatches come equipped with the basics, learning time and creating structure through scheduled events, but one of the best features you can find is the smartwatch with built-in education programs. I personally recommend the Orbo Kids Smartwatch (With interactive games and activities), which has the added benefit of a camera capable of video and pictures, so they can show you all the fun things they get into while you’re not around!

3. Scheduling and Task Management: This is one of the simple, yet effective tools for growing your little one’s sense of responsibility and creating an orderly environment. As mentioned earlier, any child will love to have the opportunity to be just like mom and pop, and that’s where you can get a ton of value out of your purchase. With the implementation of scheduled events, you can set times for dinner, bedtimes, or if you have set days for chores (Satruday was always bathroom day in my case). This is a definite must when looking for the right smartwatch.   

Things to Avoid When Choosing Your Kid Smartwatch

Just like there are great smartwatches, there are less than great smartwatches. Plain and simple, here are a few things that you should be wary of, if not outright avoid:

1. SIM Cards: Some kid smartwatches have the option for a SIM card, for older and more responsible children this may be useful to keep in contact with them and teach them how to use technology safely. On the flip side, if your child is of the not-so-responsible persuasion, it might be better to wait until they are older, as there is potential for misuse. Either way, its always a good idea to keep a close watch and help guide them, showing them the potential good and the dangers in equal parts. 

2. GPS: This falls into a similar category as the SIM cards, both a powerful utility and potential vulnerability. GPS can be useful for three main reasons. First, it can be used to keep track of your child, great for the grocery store or if they ever otherwise are lost. Second, it can be very important to teach basic skills like reading and understanding a map. Finally, it can be used if they ever need to go some place on their own, again only for older children around 11-12. Now you might be thinking “This pretty good!” and it is, the main problem with these devices is that they have become part of the IoT, or internet of things. Basically, the same tool you use to help keep track of them can be used by someone with the right skills in the same way. This is something that will be less impactful in the future as security on all devices and networks increases, but it is still sometihng to consider when buying. 

3. Durability: This is mostly a non-concern for brand-name smartwatches, this is mostly a “buyer beware” situation. Having a watch fall apart is bad enough, but it can pose a greater threat to small children, who might chew and then swallow the pieces. Many are built to last and as long as the proper precaution is taken it should never become a problem.    

Questions and Feedback

That wraps it up for this piece, I hope you enjoyed what you’re reading and that it gave some useful insight into what a smartwatch can do for you and your kids developement, if you have any questions or comments you can leave them below or email me directly at If there are any suggestions for future content I would love to hear it, beyond that have a great day!

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